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Week of May 9, 2005
Featured Site: Writers' Information Registry
Allows writers to contact subject matter experts who have signed up to provide info on various topics.

Featured Blog: Buzz, Balls, and Hype
Advice and insight from hot author MJ Rose on the publishing industry.

Featured Story: Some Advice about Getting Published
Good advice from a collection of published writers on the process of getting published.
Featured Blogs: Featured Blogs are syndicated so headlines will change regularly.
The Average Joe: A Book Publisher Blog by Joseph Wikert
Takes the top spot for now. Some deep thinking and insight on publishing from a VP and Publisher at major publishing house.
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Buzz Balls and Hype by M.J. Rose
M.J. Rose is the author of several mystery/suspense/erotica books. She is also a savvy book and web marketer.
Flogging the Quill by Ray Rhamey
Editor and writer Ray Rhamy's Blog provides tips and advice on "the art and craft of compelling storytelling."
Book Angst 101 by Unknown
A nameless publishing executive opens up about the industry.
Mad Max Survey, Vol IV: They Lied
Filthy Lucre: Some Thoughts on the Profit Motive

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