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Lists literary publishers of all sizes who accept unsolicited manuscripts and manuscripts from new writers.

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Finding a Publisher: Publishing Directories

Finding a Publisher: Literary Magazines

Finding a Publisher: General Publishers

Finding a Publisher: eBook & Online Publishers

Finding a Publisher: Erotica
  • Nerve: Online magazine on sex that sits between erotica and pornography. Looking for submissions.

  • Accepting erotic stories for women. Compensation & print opportunities.

  •  Naughty Words: Lists calls for erotica & sexuality authors.

Finding a Publisher: Romance Publishers
  • Dorchester Publishinbg: Oldest mass market paperback publisher in U.S. Lots of romance but also horror, westers, and thrillers. Open to unsoliticted manucripts.

  • Genesis Press: Press that specializes in African-America, Hispanic and interracial romances.

  • Harlequin Romance: Big publisher with lots of different imprints in different subgenres of romance.

  • Avalon Books: Sanitized romance for the library market.

  • Beagle Bay Books: Independent publisher of women's historical fiction and romance. In their books you will find a new kind of woman protagonist - ordinary women living extraordinary lives, often closely modeled on real women in history whose lives and exploits are largely unknown.

  • Cerridenwen Press: Imprint of Ellora's Cave that does straight romance.

  • Imajin Books: Romance publisher that specializes in paranormal: witches, vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc. They are also accepting submissions for futuristic (futuristic books on Earth or other planets) and paranormal (psychic abilities or other paranormal phenomena, but NOT ghosts).

  • Pulp Books: UK publisher of contemporary short fiction. Doesn't accept US submissions.

Finding a Publisher: Sci-fi, Fantasy, & Horror Publishers
  • One Buck Horror: New ezine looking for the best in horror fiction from established and up-and-coming writers. They pay professional rates for short stories of 3000 words or less.

  • Bewildering Stories: Weekly electronic publication featuring speculative fiction as well as non-fiction, namely poetry, articles, essays, reviews, and art. Open to new writers.

  • Prism Quarterly: Quarterly journal of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction that has been opened to submissions of speculative poetry and fiction.

  • Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest: Looking for dark horror and sci-fi. Most stories are a combo of horror and sci-fi.

  • Legend Press: New press in UK looking for talent and submissions.

  • Simulacrum: Speculative fiction magazine published in pdf format. Features fiction, poetry, interviews, and artwork.

  • Dark Fiction: We are a new company looking for horror, thriller and dark short stories. Unknown writers welcome. See site for submission guidelines.

  • EDGE: Science fiction and fantasy publishing. Imprint of Hades Publications.

  • The Paris Review: Prestigious literary mag that was advertising for new writer submissions on Google. Give it a shot if you fit the criteria.

  • ViviSphere: Vivisphere Publishing consists of several imprints devoted to areas such as fiction, bridge, non-fiction, science fiction, mysteries, thrillers, history, nature, poetry and a number of other subjects. They welcome new writers.

  • Trivium: Publishers of historical fiction and historical fantasy.

  • Challenging Destiny: Electronic magazine that accepts submissions from all over the world.

  • Aberrant Dreams: Aberrant Dreams accepts short fiction of any genre, though they primarily focus on the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural horror.

  • Sputnik57: E-zine are looking for a broad spectrum of science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories./li>

  • Surprising Stories: Speculative fiction, artwork and more. Looking for short, effective, well crafted stories. /li>

  • E-zine are looking for quality Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction, Fantasy and Horror short stories.



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